Things to Know About Web Design

About Web Design

There are plenty of things to know about web design if you’re going to try to learn it on your own. It’s very complex for starters. But the best way to get going is to dive right in. So let’s start by stating the three main keys for designing good web pages. These would be the ‘presentation’, the ‘functionality’, and the ‘usability’ of the page. These three things are the crucial components that have to be done right in order for your site to be successful.

Your presentation in your web design is how your pages look. The look should be clean and have a sense of order, not chaotic and haphazard. It should contain good graphics with a good color scheme that will set the right tone for your target audience. Too many sites are poorly done, and they lose lots of business because they overlook some of the basics of good web design, and they suffer the loss for it.

Web design functionality is its ability to give your visitor’s what they’re looking for. Your page should contain relevant information with the most important information up-front. The important stuff should stand out for those people who scan rather than read, which is most of them. It should hold them by it’s relevance to the purpose of the site and what they’re looking for, and then lead them on to other parts of your site and keep their attention with a flow of information and order that makes their goals easy. If they have to search too long or click around too much, they’ll go somewhere else in a heartbeat.

The ‘usability’ of your web design is how easy your visitors can flow through your information. By making your user’s choices simple and easy, they’ll have more fun and be more likely to stay. You need to do this while also giving them the information about your site that they need to know. Your site web design should be one that’s focused on both its theme, and it’s users.

Making it easy for your users to find what they want, make a payment, and get out, is what you’re aiming for in your web design. Anytime you can make somebody’s life a bit easier and simpler for them, they don’t mind rewarding you for doing so. But if your site is difficult, then they’ll simply go elsewhere. It’s just human nature. And they probably won’t come back. Good repeat customers are ones who leave happy and satisfied.

Things to know about web design are things like this – people who are on your site for the first time, are ‘hunting’ for something, not ‘deciding’. This is good to keep in mind when designing your pages. A non-aggressive approach is the best. Don’t get pushy about clicking here or scrolling down to there. Just design your site in a way that they let them flow in that direction. And don’t put anything in there that will hinder them on their way. Many people lose their visitors with lengthy flash screens and time-consuming information blocks. Never get in the user’s way, but gently allow them freedom of movement.